24 Carat Dearth ?!?

I initially thought Oblivion was somethin to do with the teanage and the quarter life crisis where u live a life that doesn have much scope for expectation. You have no idea what you are made of.But now here is what I have to say about this crazy word which has meanings untold

What will you do if you lived in a place with temperatures varying between -2degress in winder to 52 degrees in summer and you got no scope of occupation except may be cultivate a few of those dry arid area vegetation which have to be sold in some far off place which  means you have to toil and make them grow some how and then haul ass along with those stuff to some better area which has some marketing scope. Phew ! just thinkin about it leaves me sulky.

I stay in one such places -Pilani  I am an undergrad student at BITS-Pilani. I didn not pay attention to the day-to-day life of the natives of this place  till one day I thought I’ll go this place called “VFAST” where you get this really yummy food for a few bucks more but then the plan went in the pooper and  me was dissappointed. You see getting good food in hostel is like having Punjabi lassi on a hot summer afternoon. So dissappointment was sky high.Then I went out with my friend to do some work it was to get some food from the professors and distribute it to the children in the village.

Yes! There is a Village outside the campus which is not Nutan. This is where a lot of rickshaw walas and the dobis who have worked in the BITS Campus live


My Friend generally called me to help her because someone who had to come did not turn up. We started off in the cycle that mid summer morning and that day became one of the most important days of my life. The day I learnt something very signifcant and I am Indebted to my Alma mater for this particular day!

We  went to all the professors’ houses, collected food, packed the food and started off to the pilani vilage, right behind the gliders club. I have been in BITS for four years and this was the first time I went to do this thing and I gotta see the miserable plight of these people. There were around 80 food packets.We landed near a banyan tree and called people to collect food. Soon there was a rucus. It was unbeleivable. Grown ups and children fighting for food.Old people grabbing food from children and running away.Children being beaten up with chappals by middle aged rickshaw walas since they wanted to get some packets for the household. Everything was happening before my eyes I just thought about the irony of fate .I was dissappointed because I did’nt get to eat out, They were dissappointed because they did not get any food to eat how can things be so different? I still am not able to forget those little outstreched hands begging for food. I have never felt so helpless before.