Irony of Fate

The street was always bubbling with activity. There were merchants , goldsmiths and florists trying to charm the few customers that frequent the little bazaar by displaying their wares.There was an old bearded man who always stood near one of the flower shops playing his violin and there were at least ten people around him all the time.  There was shabbily dressed  eight year old who always stood right in front almost everyday with a little stick which he can use to find his way.He didn’t go without coming there, not even on a single day, he remembered how all the songs sounded like when the bearded man started playing it.On one such  usual Day and the bearded man beckoned the little boy and taught him how to hold the violin and how to play it. a couple of months went by, the little boy learned fast, he soon covered his master when he had to rest for a while so the crowd is entertained. He looked at the prodigy with all pride, when he rested.

One fine winter morning, when the street was not particularly crowded, the little boy dressed in his best clothes came running to see his master as usual, only to not find him. The florist beckoned the little boy and took him by his hand to give him something.The violin was left on the footsteps outside an abandoned little hut. There was a little braille note- he opened it. It was the notes for the new song he was supposed to learn, and someone had signed off saying “You are on you own…”. He felt the note with his little hand. Tears rolled down his cheeks, he took the violin trotted to the bazaar, where a couple of eager listeners waited, and started playing the violin, just like his master,only what he played was a mournful melancholy for it was the only way he was able to express his sorrow.

It was pitch dark and the three little yellow lamps on the dirty damp walls of the tunnel where simmering for want of a new tungsten. There was a puny little man  standing with a pile of messily cut wood just outside the tunnel, while he kept looking out for any sign of danger, from the wild world, Gripping his Axe tight as if ready to attack anyone near him.The train passed by and the night went by, the   next morning, a little Boy came by to take a last look at his Father and pick up the Axe. Life had to go on,  And so that night near the tunnel, there stood a Little boy with  a Lantern  and an Axe .

They were laid to rest under the orange sky, On the silent Land.Two people rose up into the sky and reached the huge wooden door in the middle of nowhere. One of them was a happy bearded man and the other a sad puny little man.They smiled at each other while they waited for the door to open.


7 comments on “Irony of Fate

  1. Nice..
    I’m sure there is another poor soul …which had a lucky glimpse of a bright light just seconds before experiencing (not entirely)an excruciating pain..

  2. Well you do remember you English book stories of your schooling very well..
    The latter part is where a tiger gets killed by the train..
    & this guy Sriram means the same i think
    I kind off remember it (I was in 6th std I suppose)

    The dad dies, I have left how he dies fort he readers to decide. Ruskin Bond and Jim Corbett are my influences here. they love tigers 🙂 , so you kinda tied the loose strings 🙂 . I didn’t want to kill a Tiger, I love em 🙂

    • I can see that from your Hobbes..
      I’ll take that ur a fan of Bill Watterson too!!
      I’ve prayed everyday when I was a kid to have somebody like Hobbes.

      Its a true gift to have a honest friend always sticking around to share anything / anytime!!.. How lucky are you in this?

      I should say Pretty Lucky I guess 🙂

  3. Good for you !!
    I just browsed through your blogs.. Man you’ve come a long way in a very short period.. I mean as a “Real blogger”

    Do you write any books? You can sure give it a try..
    Try something like H’Potter .. u know fantasy stuff.. Hope you like’em !!
    I have read the HP books. Thanks 🙂 I read few books, mostly classics :), Im not really great at writing, i just write what I feel like writing, dont spend a lot of time, so prefer being a blogger.

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