Gamble Away Darling …

Why do Poker nights always end up being fun, even though you never know why exactly you are playing in spite of losing “ALL THE TIME”, may be because there is one lucky little B Who gets to win all the time.

Why do some idiots choose the same slot machine, to play for 20 more dollars when they just got 80 dollars from the poor little  machine,  and lose all 100 dollars?  May be they believe in luck so much that they don’t acknowledge the fact that there is Math  in the world. What can I say, Common Sense, of All things consequential and inconsequential, is the MOST uncommon.

I kinda feel playing cards is  a Sad people’s way of passing time, but then, I was happiest when I got 50 dollars from two American co-gamblers who pitched in for the miser that I was to play Black  Jack. Sad news folks, I knew I sucked and that is why I didnt put in the money …. ah what the hell, best Gambling memory ever. Yes! because these people don’t ask for the lost money back! Americans are awesome when it comes to Gambling.Don’t you think? As a side note, helps if you are a pretty chick.  Sometimes a nice looking guy would work too 😉

When five people hit the Casino, the total money Lost is always equal to or greater than the total money gained :). I’m pretty darn right coz why else you think there  are Casinos. Best way to deal with it, Gamble away as a gang and equally split the loss. Fun for everyone! Ok, may be to make it a little fairer,  the one who won the most can be allowed to break even.

For those who have never gambled before, I wanted to say get a life, But nah !! You should all Try it once, It is awesomeness  of course only  if you follow my Laws of gambling. 🙂


10 comments on “Gamble Away Darling …

  1. Nice ideas suvarna..
    I pretty easily fall in the last category of ‘nvr gambld b4’..
    so, shd I be tryin it? If so, ur Laws of gambling, wher do I find them?

  2. @Badhar : Yours Sincerely 🙂

    @ Zubair: Zubair I think you are looking for proper math laws. I was just talking about this post 🙂 Gamble for fun. Know when to stop. Gamble as a gang and split the loss 🙂 that is it … Of course pl take the suttle hints im trying to give you through my awesome post 🙂
    If you think you are getting hooked, The next time you visit. Don’t take your card or more than some money with you.

  3. That’s just your way. May not be the right one. 🙂

    Anyway, your writing style kinda sucks; found it very hard to read. Everyone can write, but the one who reads a lot writes better. So, I recommend you read a lot before writing anything. Its kinda annoying to read sentences with some words starting with capital letters inbetween. And sometimes you make no sense with your words, though, in your mind you may think you’ve made the biggest literary work of all times. 🙂

    Sorry to bother you with this comment. Take it as a nice complement please. 🙂

  4. Oh! So nice of you. I never thought you would publish my comment. Thanks, btw. And how much ever reading wont help you with homographs or what do you call them? So, pardon me with that :P.

  5. Well,
    Getting lucky & winning a jackpot is something very special.. & the that moment is gonna be very personal.. So isn’t it a bit unfair for him to break even / even worse to share the losses ?

    However, on the other end theres one unlucky B out of the 5 who lost the most.. he deserves a bit more than sharing the losses don’t you think?

    Agree with you , if it is a jackpot 🙂 and the loser will gain when others share the loss. :), may be a huge bucket of ice cream too 🙂

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