The legend of filter kaapi addiction

It all starts when you are five. OK! wait a minute, for the benefit of the future generation, which will not be able to see a dawn when there is filter kaapi, let me enunciate.

Filter kaapi is an aromatic, addictive liquid concoction, that seldom resembles American coffee (Thanks to the abundance of freshly boiled aavin milk) prepared using conventional apparatus – read as without the electric coffee maker, using the coffee that is restricted only to the south-eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, ground as a coarse powder , popularly known as narasus kaapi (usually suffixed with bhesh bhesh romba nanna irukku) phew!

now, where was I ? yeah, It starts when you are five, the phenomenon of tempting the little kid with the aroma of this wonderful beverage , and suddenly one fine morning depriving the child of its taste because some local newspaper reporter suddenly thought he wanted to cut down on the sky high narasus kaapi price, for selfish reasons, and wrote an article that elucidates with reference to context, all the ill-effects of this elixir on children.

whatay   Jackass!

There was something good in it though, for children who are rebels, the legend of coffee addiction thus started. First you try the  dad, if you are a girl, and as for guys, of course mom works just fine. You start taking clandestine little sips from the respective parents’ coffee cups. sometimes it is hard to convince either of the parents thanks to the loving bondage that is called the wedding

seriously what is wrong with this world? Them and their love?!?! See, what you have done? the kid’s stranded without kaapi for god sakes?!

Grandparents. they are the best. They are too old to make complan for your sibling and boost for you.

The dislike for health drinks among siblings  is always complementary to one another. That is,  if you like complan, you cannot like Boost/bournvita and the likes and vice-versa. And in any given case of two siblings, both of them never like the same beverage.

So all you have to do is just show your liking for coffee, and there, you got yourself a lifetime of clandestine filter kaapi, and then there comes a day when it doesn’t have to be clandestine anymore :). Yeah, the day when your parents become grandparents :), and so it goes on.


3 comments on “The legend of filter kaapi addiction

  1. Well. Kind off lost you here and there ..
    What language is that by the way “bhesh bhesh romba nanna “. #$% Google translator couldn’t help !!

    • Hi,
      It means. “Wow! (double exclamation”) what an awesome taste?. There was a local commercial, which used this one liner as a caption, for promoting the coffee powder. it is called narasus Coffee powder. You get it only in south India in my state. (Tamil Nadu) :). and it is very very famous.

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