Love and War

As the oars part the shore

And my lips part his,

The tides leave behind,

A world of peace

Under the benign sky,

On a silent land,

Begins my lore,

Of war and love.

The tanks grunted,

The rifles roared,

The long twilight

faded into the night,

The moon shone

Through the fleecy clouds,

Sans love, Sans Remorse,

The lust for battle ,

took its derisive course.

One bleak day,

As tears leave my eyes

And the  sun fades out,

On a barren land,

Under the smoky clouds,

My lips part his

And he leaves me alone

To end my lore

Of Love and War.

Inspired by Xenia Simonov


7 comments on “Love and War

    • That my friend, is for you to imagine :). I know what happens though! Ill probably make it a to be continued and write another post on the “in-betweens” 🙂

      I have written about the in-betweens. let me know what You think 🙂

      • oh..about the inbetweens..
        I can surely guess that u havnt been in love..
        the verse is too smart to be poetic.. just like Emily Dickinson’s..

        keep singing !!

        Suvarna : Si vous le dites! 🙂

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