Where poppies blow…

Another time, another day,

I weep and wail

in melancholic sway.

I watch him in stealth,

Like a bride in a veil,

As he Gallops away

With reins of disdain.

Down the  fields,

Where poppies blow,

He reined his steed,

In search of his foe.

Down the fields

where poppies blow,

He galloped away

To slay his foe.


The “Not-so-solitary” Reaper

She woke up when the frail rays of the rising sun reflected off of her little mirror hanging loosely from an old rusted nail hammered in on the west corner of her little mud-walled-palm-leaf hut. The mirror was cracked diagonally across and the only use it actually had in all those years was signify the break of dawn.

She tied her long black hair in a loose up-do, picked up a mud pot and marched briskly to the little stone-walled well a few yards away. She broke a little neem twig from the adjacent tree and started chewing it, while she hauled water from the well, filled her mud pot with it,had a few gulps of the same water and marched steadfastly back to her hut, as if she was running late.

she walked out almost in a jiffy holding a sharp sickle in one hand and the mud pot in the other and started treading towards the highland in the middle of the hills, which was a few miles away., her hair was soon loose and the long black hair was swinging side to side as she walked, she did not stop to tie it back up.

She could see someone sitting and writing something on the other side of the highland, which made her curious. she did not want to attract attention, So she did not go and talk to him, but being the naive person she is, she started singing in her native tongue, an unfamiliar folklore of a solitary vagabond, who was looking for love and was lost in the highlands, and how she rescued him from his loneliness by singing an unfamiliar folklore in her native tongue, in a strange melancholic strain

Of Parenting and Pampering …

When I was little, my parents made a lot of sacrifices so I can be happy. The sacrifices they have made are not small and mentionable, they are countless, but they never regretted those sacrifices, oh wait, at least that is what I thought, when it suddenly occurred to me that it is not something I would say because, even if they did regret it, It did not last long and it was overcome by the amount of happiness I got from what they have sacrificed.They did it happily and never thought about what their life could have been. Yes they are great parents, and this is a tribute to those numerous parents who still are sacrificing major things for their little ones, financially, emotionally and physically. I would like to tell them –  “take it easy, pamper yourself now and then”. It is not just your kids who need pampering. Parenting is hard, and you all need a treat once in a while.

My dad knew this well and I am so proud of him for that. The impulsive stuff he got home when I was little, the clandestine  shopping errands that my dad and I went on with my mom having no idea whatsoever, The big brown leather couch and the Beautiful bookshelf that my dad bought home one summer evening are all still etched in my memory. It is true they are  all material stuff, very prone to destruction and may not mean a thing, but they are still around decorating every corner of my house with some beautiful memory associated with them. Even though my mom enjoy the luxury of having them she still complains about my dad’s over spending.  Money was tight back then but I was happy and blissfully unaware of the financial situation even though I knew I had to go to college on a student loan. I turned out OK, didn’t I?

Ahem ! Alright, alright! Don’t judge me….!

I wanted to share this with all the new parents so it could make a small difference in their lives and they can feel good about spending some money on themselves. There is one more twist to this and this is how it goes. Let us say, you are shopping for a pair of shoes for your little one and then you walk across this designer store and find a pair of skinny jeans you always wanted, and you decide to try it on. It almost always so happens that you will not buy it right away and you just would want to convince yourself that all the dieting worked and you are finally in much better shape than before. Then comes the “Price-tag Conundrum”.  You look at it and there, this can never go into your wardrobe because you start mentally calculating the worth of the new pair of jeans in terms of Baby stuff on x axis and time on y axis. Trust me the graph never looks good.

I may be wrong, you see, I am not good at Math , wait a minute or am I, I know graphs, x axis and y axis, ah forget about what I said earlier I am a math Guru, take my word for it

When you do that it is time for you to stop thinking and hit the registers in the store.

Run my friend Run with the jeans

I say this because, If I were your kid, I would feel really guilty that my mom couldn’t have a pair of jeans that she really liked. Now would you want to put your kids through this sorrow? This will scar them for life. So buy away once in a while, If you are a good parent, you will never make your kid feel bad, and guess what? Pampering yourself actually helps the kids in a sort of twisted way . It is OK they will understand if they cannot go for summer camp when they are 3 and they will be glad to stay home with you or their grandparents. In fact the major chunk of the childhood I remember was when I was with my grandparents. I bet it is true with most of you.

And yeah, all dads hurry and get yourself a nice and cozy barcalounger, you don’t want your son feeling bad about this later.

You have a good reason, father’s day is around the corner

Life is short, for both you and your kids. It is important to have a balance in terms of things you give up for your family, and that is what makes family the most important in the world.

Spare the rod and spoil yourself

Desert blues

Every other dusk,

when the sun went down

He stood there at the gate

His arms stretched out

pink she blushed and out she ran

breaking the shackles

-the hesitant lass

He looked her in the eye

put his arms around,

The orange desert sun gleamed

on her pink face

She smiled like an angel

Of divine grace

The moon shone

on her pale white face

He left her behind

Until the sun

would go down again.

And so she waited everyday

For the day to close in, So he would come,

Until one bleak dusk

When the sun went down,

She stood at the gate

Lo behold!

for the old familiar

happy face

but he never came down

from the desert sun

Not even once

Not even at all

Love and War

As the oars part the shore

And my lips part his,

The tides leave behind,

A world of peace

Under the benign sky,

On a silent land,

Begins my lore,

Of war and love.

The tanks grunted,

The rifles roared,

The long twilight

faded into the night,

The moon shone

Through the fleecy clouds,

Sans love, Sans Remorse,

The lust for battle ,

took its derisive course.

One bleak day,

As tears leave my eyes

And the  sun fades out,

On a barren land,

Under the smoky clouds,

My lips part his

And he leaves me alone

To end my lore

Of Love and War.

Inspired by Xenia Simonov